“I am the resurrection and the life…”

The boyhood struggles of the imaginative artist, Pablo Picasso, in such definitive subjects as mathematics are highlighted in Robert K. Cooper’s book, High Energy Living.  Part of the problem was that through the artistic eye of Picasso the number 4 had a nose.  When called upon to write the number 4 on the blackboard, the protuberant nose he saw hanging there would compel him to continue on until he had chalked-in the rest of the face.

I suppose an oppressive teacher could have suppressed his imagination for the sake of a better grade in math, but the world would have been denied the skill and imagination of a great artist.  While most who looked at a 4 saw only a 4, the imaginative gaze of an artist saw much more.

Just as the prism of Picasso’s imagination enabled him to see great art in the simplest of shapes, the risen Christ calls his followers to view life, and others, through the prism of the resurrection; that we might see beyond the simplistic view of lives defined by circumstances and consider the transformational possibilities that are offered by God’s love.

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