“Peter said to Him, ‘Even if I have to die with You, I will not deny You.’  All the disciples said the same thing” (Matthew 26:35).

Just as we know the true outcome of the disciples declaration, we also know the truth of our own lives—none of us will honor the Lord perfectly in every way on every occasion.  Our opportunities to stand for Christ rarely come in the face of howling winds.  More often such occasions arise in the subtlety of a gentle breeze.  Peter’s denial took place not before an official tribunal or council, but in a casual setting; an informal conversation; when least expected.  The challenge to your faith will not come from a gun-toting communist or a red-suited devil worshipper demanding that you renounce Jesus.  Opportunities to either betray or affirm our Lord are much more subtle.  They are found at the water-cooler at work, in the hallway at school, at home in the way you treat your children and spouse.

By every action, we affirm or deny him.

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