“Now, therefore, fear the Lord and put away the gods which your fathers served beyond the River and in Egypt, and serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:14).

Are you worshipping and living in the pursuit of the God of history and creation? Or, is your focus on the god of your own history and creation. It’s a challenge to recognize, acknowledge, and leave behind these false ancestral gods; to cross the river of our continuing faith journey and embrace the true living God…the One not limited by our familiar systems, personal preferences, and political affiliations. Perhaps the best litmus test of which one we serve is to be found in the attitudes we hold toward the working and inspiration of the Holy Spirit in the generations succeeding. Do we belittle the works of their hand? Do we criticize the expressions of their spiritual giftedness? Do we hold up our preferences as being the way things “ought to be.” I pray that I might always remember that the God of history and creation is so much bigger than my history and experience; that he inspired the generations before me and will inspire those after me and, most of all, that I might be one to encourage the coming generation to passionately pursue God; that they might allow him to work dynamically in their lives in the hope that they might be a fresh voice to the generations coming after them.

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