Thursday 07-30-20

“To whom would you liken Me and make Me equal and compare Me, that we would be alike” (Isaiah 46:5)? 

Speaking through his prophet, Isaiah, the point of God’s three question test is that the One called I Am transcends all standards of human measurement. The gods of Babylon you have found so attractive were fashioned in the likeness of men; a vast pantheon of choices to suit your desires. As Babylon falls, however, their impotence is now showcased. Putting I AM to such a test reveals the uniqueness of his being; he is beyond comparison, has no equal, and is like no other. The Living God cannot be tested; only the quality of our faith in him. That we have such angst and unrest in times of exile, or a pandemic, seasons that bring such disruption to our lives, reveals that we, perhaps, have been trusting to greater degree the gods of our culture than the Lord our God. Put it to the test and discover where your true confidence lies.

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