“When God saw their deeds, that they turned from their wicked way, then God relented concerning the calamity which He had declared He would bring upon them. And He did not do it” (Jonah 3:10).

God’s response to the belief and repentance of the Ninevites is telling; it reveals the heartbeat of God and his desire to withhold a calamitous judgement. It was the very thing he desired for Israel, but in the hardness of their hearts they mocked, ignored, and became indifferent to the passionate and pleading proclamations of their own prophets. To portray God as a harsh taskmaster, who invokes with great delight misery upon both the guilty and the innocent, is a false narrative and baseless caricature emerging from pagan religion. Scripture reveals the true nature and character of God; that his every activity is performed with one thing in mind—the redemption of all creation.

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