“I, I Myself, am He who comforts you. Who are you that you are afraid of mortal man, and of a son of man who is made like grass” (Isaiah 51:12).

The first fight of any war is the battle waged within. The absence of fear is not what separates the heroic brave from the cowardly complacent. In fear, both contemplate what will happen if I do, or don’t do this? To act despite fear is what defines the courageous, while inaction characterizes those yielding to fear. Strangely, things can actually become more fearful if you don’t overcome the fears you have right now. Such is the case of God’s exiled people. Because of their failure to abide in faith, acquiescing to their present fears, they run the risk of missing out on God’s unfolding redemptive purposes. In life and faith, forward progress is achieved not by those never experience fear, but always by those who overcome it.

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